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The Single Best Strategy To Use For batu lanchang market food court

, a dish of flat rice noodles stir-fried with light-weight and darkish soy sauce, chilli, bean sprouts, prawns together with other substances. Sample this exceptional national favorite and grab a seat at amongst our favorite professional dining establishments: 提到好吃的叻沙,许多人都会联想到亚依淡巴刹的叻沙,也有人说浮罗山背的叻沙,其实还有很多味道不错的叻沙,如升旗山脚下靠近交通圈旁的路边摊、槟华女中对面的湾岛头叻沙、七条路巴刹、柑仔园草场小贩中心等。 Rooster … Continue reading